We aim to open up our Taproom once every month for the public. Then you have the opportunity to try our beers in direct connection to our brewery. Usually we try to have at least 10-12 different beers on tap.

End of July 2020 we officially opened our taproom in connection to our brewery. We will try to open up once a month for the public to get the oportunity to try our beers.



We are a nano craft brewery located just outside Borås in Västra Götaland, Sweden. Our small operations started in 2014. Since then we sell our products to local restaurants & pubs in the Borås area. We develop, produce and market our products and with our small-scale craftsmanship we can offer our customers unique exclusive products in small series. Today we offer all of  our products in kegs only. But the plan is to soon be able to offer some of our products on can or bottle.

Are you interested in trying our products in your range. Do not hesitate to contact us. You can do it either via social media or by email!

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